Four Keys To Maintaining Your Commercial Parking Lot and Avoid Parking Lot Repairs

Posted on January 9th, 2012  |  Posted in News

I am an experienced Atlanta asphalt contractor, Atlanta parking lot repairer, and Atlanta parking lot striper. As such, I am able to share advice and tips that I have

found to be useful over the years I’ve spent in Atlanta area asphalt parking lot repair, and parking lot striping on all types of surfaces. Regular parking lot maintenance is extremely important.

(1) Inspecting Parking Lots

Generally speaking, it is important to regularly inspect all types and surfaces of both standard and commercial parking lots at least every 3 months. This requires a close look at

all cracks, crevices, stains, weed and grass growths, roots, and debris. These are the killers and destroyers of lots, especially commercial asphalt parking lots. To avoid extreme parking lot repair, Atlanta, regular inspection and maintenance is imperative.

In some limited instances, the owner can do the parking lot repairs and even striping, but to be safe it is usually better to allow a professional paving contractor to do the required work. Problems tend to grow exponentially anytime you are dealing with either asphalt or

concrete surfaces.

(2) Cleaning Parking Lots

After looking over a parking lot, it absolutely must be cleaned. This includes a sound washing to remove gasoline and oil stains, and removing everything from all cracks, as well as ridding the pavement of all vegetation and debris inside problem places.

It is essential that diluted cleaner be used in this endeavor, and a forceful dose of water. It is also important to remove everything from the cracks and problem areas before filling occurs. This seemingly cosmetic task is anything but for appearances. These affect the pavement base, as well. To avoid large parking lot repair, regular cleaning is a must.

(3) Parking Lot Repairs

The next step is initiating repairs. In my time of making parking lot repairs, I find this to be painstakingly difficult, and precise work. Small cracks less than ½ inch wide should be filled with asphalt-emulsion filler. Then the material must be smoothed-out.

Larger cracks or potholes require a different approach. The use of sand and cold-patch blacktop is often necessary. The area must be leveled and then compacted and flattened. (Laymen use 4 X 4s and plywood.)

(4) Sealing-Striping Parking Lots

Once parking lot repairs have been enacted and completed, it is time for the entire lot to be sealed. This is done by applying a slight coat of water, and then spreading acrylic or other kinds of sealers to the surface. It is important to then remove all excess sealer, usually with a squeegee.

Finally, to provide order and proper traffic flow and parking, parking lot striping is needed. Wait about 24-48 hours to perform this task.


While I suggest hiring a professional asphalt contractor for parking lot repairs and parking lot striping; sometimes owners or renters can do it adequately. Just remember to inspect, clean, repair, and seal. Later, line striping is also necessary in most cases.

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