Atlanta Parking Lot Striping | Parking Lot Painting

Posted on January 9th, 2012  |  Posted in News

Parking lot striping and parking lot painting serve several important functions for businesses, customers, owners, and the general public. It is important that small thoroughfares and parking lots be organized and orderly, for the good of everyone. It just makes good common sense.

Why Parking Lot Striping?

Essentially, most Atlanta parking lot striping and painting — asphalt or concrete striping and painting is done for parking purposes, to maintain functional order and traffic flow, and to provide special handicapped parking spaces for those physically challenged. No one wants disorder, or handicapped citizens inconvenienced, do they?

By the same token, parking spaces must be striped, organized, and laid-out in the best ways possible, in order to maximize and optimize the use of available space, while also making the eventual destinations (shops, stores, markets, offices, work places, organizations) of the travelers appealing. Pavement striping is important.

In yet another sense, the neatness and appearance of parking lots say a lot about the owners and renters of the properties. A crisply striped parking lot looks professional, and evokes an image of class and success. This aura attracts potential clients, customers, and adherents. Contrarily, areas with fading lines and worn parking spaces and ugly lines tend to detract from the properties’ purposes.

Who Stripes Parking Lots?

Though the costs of striping machines and paint are affordable to many, it is generally best to research and contact professional asphalt contractors or concrete contractors to do pavement striping. Trust me on this one. (If you have ever tried it, you probably know.) Why?

Pavement professionals and pavement stripers know their business and industry. They do it regularly, and comprehend the nature of asphalt, concrete, and other surfaces – thus understanding precisely how to clean, repair, and line each type or kind of surface area. (They are different.)

Why try and do something as tedious and precise as pavement striping yourself, when there are a number of professionals that do it on a regular basis, and are experienced in the “ins and outs” of the tasks? An accurate layout is important, to say the least.

As an experienced Atlanta striper and pavement professional, I encourage property owners and renters to communicate with striping pros, asking each other questions and providing information to the other about the project(s). A logical and practical format or plan must be formulated together, in order to ensure the best and most efficient parking area possible, with an easy traffic flow.

Keeping your parking area clean, well-maintained, and clearly striped is obviously important for businesses, organizations, clients, and members using facilities. Pavement striping is an important element in pavement care.  

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